Thursday, 19 March 2009

♥ About My Sweet Tooth Kit ♥

Im sorry some you have had trouble downloading the kit, i have deleted the old link and TRYING to get it re-uploaded to 4shared, but it just aint having it at the moment lol its get half way through then stops, even the 4shared uploaded aint uploading it, i will try and get it done ASAP, and again im sorry you have had trouble getting it, but i will put the link up as soon iv got it uploaded.
Hope you are all well!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

♥ New Layout ♥

Well i decided i needed a new layout, i got bored of the other one.
It took me ages getting it all looking right - really frustrating lol
I made a new blinkie aswell, well u can call it a blinkie if you want, i cant make them to save my life! hint hint hint hehe
I would also like to say thanks for all the comments on my, Me and My Girls scrap kit! iv read them all,and really appreciate them
Well i hope you like my new layout!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

♥New Freebie Kit - Me And My Girls ♥


I got a new kit finished today, and im really pleased with how it turned out, its a Taggers sized kit and its called Me and My Girls.

Not everything is shown in the preview. I hope you all like it as much as i do lol.

As always i would love to see anything made with it, so feel free to email me your creations.

Well on to the kit...

You can download it HERE

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

♥ More Gel Hearts ♥

Hello again :o)
Here are some more Gel hearts, in some different colours.
Hope you like em

Download Them Here

♥ Some Freebies ♥

Hope everyone is ok!
Iv been off work for a couple of days, i done my back in getting ready for work, i sat down on my bed and lent over to get something and i started getting really painfull spasms in my back and could just about walk afterwards! it was so painfull, i went to my docs and he said its an acute back strain and gave me some strong painkillers. So while iv been off i have been playing is PS and made these hearts and stars, i will be doing some more colours for the hearts too! Both the Stars and Hearts are bigger than shown in the preview and dont have drop shadows on them.

I hope you like them.

Download the Hearts HERE

Download The Stars HERE

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Im back with a new scrap kit yaaayy

Hello All!
Hope everyone is well.
Well i finally got a new kit done woop woop its called Be Mine,Valentine.
I really like this one, i like the colours in it. I may do a Add- on to this one at some point cause i think the purple thats in the preview goes with the colors thats already in the kit. what do ya think?
Well i hope you like it! iv been working on it for about 3 days with the little spare time that i have had lol i finished it last night but was way to tired to get it uploaded and posted on here.
Heres the preview, click the thumbnail to get the full sized one.

And You can download it HERE
Please feel free to send me anything you make it, i would love to see them :o)

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Moving my tuts

Hiya as MSN groups are closing, i am moving my tuts to a blog, you can find my tuts HERE i havnt added my old ones yet, but there is a new one there called Elias Girls Rock Too.
I have kinda neglected this blog, i just havnt had the time at all to make any scrap kits, or psp
:o( hopefully that will change soon, fingers crossed anyway.
Hope everyone is well!
and OMG can you believe christmas is nearly here ALREADY??? i dont know where this year has gone to, its flown by!
I really must start getting my christmas presents too, i only have a couple but still need to get LOTS more lol.
Until next time...
~ ♥ ~