Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I'm Back.. just about

Hello everyone!
i am back.. just about. its been a total nightmare over the last week, it started off with out internet going down after it only being on for a few days, we was told it would be fixed within 72 hours, it took 5 DAYS!! i am really not impressed, the last time i foned our internet provider (which was today) i was told that the problem hadnt even been looked into yet, but the lovely lady i spoke to got my internet back on within a few hours, all that needed to be done was a email sent to the right department, grrr why couldnt they do that in the first place.
Anyway within half hour of the internet going down, my computer blew up, Terry (my b/f) foned me while i was at work, and he said that he saw a blue spark and heard a little bang and that the pc would not come on at all, my uncle thinks its only the power pack thing that has died, so hes taken it to hes place to test it, and fingers crossed its only that and a new one wont cost much to buy.
Thank god for external hardrives and my laptop.
I havnt got the new kit i said i would be back with finished yet - just gotta add a couple more elements to finish it off, but i love it, i think the colors i have used are gorgeous! i will try and get it finished and uploaded tomorrow - IF nothing else decides to break lol (touch wood)
Thanks for all the lovely comments on my kits - all my much appreciated.
Cya soon with a new kit and maybe a new layout :o)

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