Thursday, 4 December 2008

Moving my tuts

Hiya as MSN groups are closing, i am moving my tuts to a blog, you can find my tuts HERE i havnt added my old ones yet, but there is a new one there called Elias Girls Rock Too.
I have kinda neglected this blog, i just havnt had the time at all to make any scrap kits, or psp
:o( hopefully that will change soon, fingers crossed anyway.
Hope everyone is well!
and OMG can you believe christmas is nearly here ALREADY??? i dont know where this year has gone to, its flown by!
I really must start getting my christmas presents too, i only have a couple but still need to get LOTS more lol.
Until next time...
~ ♥ ~

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~aqua said...

Hi Hun, glad to have you back!! You have an award on my blog!!